Pre-purchase Home Inspections

Home Inspection FirstWhen buying a home you should always have a home inspection performed. You need to know exactly what you are getting. Most houses are not horror stories, however, almost all houses have defects – some more obvious than others. Houses degrade from the day they are completed and with human nature the way it is, many people will not fix a problem with their home unless they are forced to. A thorough inspection by Home Inspection First will help identify these issues.

Most houses do need attention of various items and most of these are general maintenance items. A home inspection by Home Inspection First helps educate you on the house and its major components and identifies items that need to be given attention to make the house work better. Home Inspection First will help you to see how most items identified that need attention can easily be corrected.

Home Inspection First inspectors do not just point out defects. We work with the client to help them understand what makes a house work and feel better.

New home inspectionsPre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

The Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) is your last chance to discuss deficiencies with your builder prior to closing. Home Inspection First can attend the pre-delivery inspection to discuss and point out any issues in the home and provide a comprehensive list to your builder for their attention. Once inside the home, we are available to discuss any questions that may arise.

30-Day and Year End Inspections

If you are nearing your 30-day or year end, Home Inspection First can review all areas of the home and provide a complete outline of any necessary repairs for your builder. With this summary in hand, builders are better able to coordinate the work and many people find there are less visits to the home by the builder's contractors.